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Ayurvedic Treatment For Sandhigatvat

Ayurvedic Treatment For Sandhigatvat

Joint is connection of two bones which is covered by smooth surface known as cartilage tissues and lubricant. It helps to move and bend body. But factors like age, weight, stress causes wear and tear of these tissues and hence people feel joint pain. It is very important to maintain joint health for healthy and active life. But due to busy life it is very difficult to pay attention to joint care. Therefore people are facing more joint problems. Exercise, yoga can help to maintain better joint health. But it is very difficult to follow these things in daily routine. And therefore is best option to take joint care supplements for joint health. But the question arise that which supplements are better, Ayurvedic or Pharma?

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5 Most Effective Ayurvedic Remedies To Get Rid of Pimples

Today, as girls of marriage age, boys and women of all ages care more about their beauty. Thus, they start treatment when they notice some scar on the face or body, pimples. But very few of them try to find the cause of the pimples or scars. The causes of pimples in women are impaired metabolism of the body, hormonal imbalances, irregular periods of sleep, increased fast food intake, and mental disturbances. This increases the intensity of pimples on the body. The prevalence of pimples is higher in girls than boys, because hormonal imbalance is more during periods. Pimples increases with symptoms of loss of appetite, sluggishness, etc. In the meantime, girls have excessive intake of water puri, bhel etc. so the symptoms are exacerbated. Even we that, applying cosmetic cream on pimples or stains doesnot increase the glow, as shown in the advertisement, we use it year after year. Prakrit sattvic diet (less spicy), use of regular ghee in meals, gradually increase the level of mental calmness. If we follow proper diet, and routine we can definitely cure the problem of pimples with the help of Ayurveda. Read More

Why Ayurvedic Healing is Required in Monsoon Season?

Ayurvedic healing"

Monsoon season is ideal time to take wellness break. Therefore it is ideal season to schedule visit for Ayurvedic hotel / place. Ayurveda believes that poor health, and diseases arise from imbalanced body. The internal energies of body also known as Doshas, can be restored through diet and ayurvedic therapies. Ayurvedic healing has many benefits and there can be distinct benefits of visiting Ayurvedic hotel.

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